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Webinar Series:
Lifestyle Medicine & Health Equity

Join Jacque Salomon and Dr. Marsha-Gail Davis for this four-part webinar series and discussion based around bringing the conversations of lifestyle medicine, health equity and food as medicine back to the communities.

June 19  |  June 26  |  July 10  |  July 17
1:30 - 2:30 PM (PDT)
on Zoom and Facebook LIVE

In this series, we will cover the power of lifestyle medicine as a tool of empowerment and resistance to address health disparities including lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease as a way of putting the power back into the people's hands.

Topics of Discussion

June 19: Lifestyle Medicine + Health Equity

June 26: Our Health and Our Broken Healthcare System

July 10: What is Health?

July 17: Health Inequity and Taking Our Health Back

About Our Hosts:

Jacque Salomon is the founder and executive director of Seeds to Inspire Foundation, & health and wellness coach specializing in trauma-informed lifestyle medicine.

Dr. Marsha-Gail Davis is a quadruple board certified primary care physician and artist committed to helping her patients and community live healthy and dignified lives.

If you know someone who's interested in learning more about lifestyle medicine, health equity, and food as medicine, please help us connect by sharing this webinar series:

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