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The Seeds to Inspire Foundation Team

Our Team Is Happy To Introduce Ourselves.

Privilege transmuted into service: together embarking on a pilgrimage of Healing.

Jacque Salomon

Jacque Salomon

she / her / ella Mom | Founder | Visionary | Trauma-Informed Lifestyle Wellness Mentor & Coach | Intersectional Activist | Transformational Coach | Speaker | CLWI Creator & Facilitator

Mayra Armas

Mayra Armas

she / her / ella Comprehensive Wellness Facilitator | Community Culinary Medicine Practitioner

Katherine Myles

Katherine Myles

she / her / we Creative Strategist | Organization Partner | Communications Consultant

Suzanne King

Suzanne King

she / her / ella Website Manager

Edelita Jamis, MD 
Lifestyle Medicine Physician
Seva Jumpstart Medical Support Team

Alison Ozgur MAT, MHS, RDN, DipACLM
Director, Wellness Programs, Center for Nutrition Studies
Master’s level registered dietitian nutritionist and wellness expert
Cultivating Health and Wellness Workshop CoCreator

Tammy Robertson, RN, BSN
PCRM Certified Food For Life Instructor —
African American Culinary Heritage Program

Mud Kway (aka Darylin Barryman)
Member, Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians
PCRM Certified Food For Life Instructor —
Native Food For Life Program

Esther Suarez
PCRM Certified Food For Life Instructor — 
Latin X Culinary Heritage (Winter 2023)

Our Advisors

Colleagues and community members with lenses of expertise and knowledge through which we filter our intentions, messaging, movements and programming. Advisors offer wisdom from a Holistic Medicine and Anti-Colonial perspective to guide and channel our resources and service into mind-body-spirit healing, collective resilience, and health and personal autonomy.

Rosalind Akins.jpeg

Yale-trained Primary Care Internist, UCSD-trained Preventionist, ABIM Board-certified (Internal Medicine), ABLM Board-certified (Lifestyle Medicine), ABPM Board certified (Public Health and General Preventive Medicine), Founding Co-Chair of the ACLM HEAL Initiative

Beloved Community Organizer, Highly respected Relationship Broker, Life Coach


Onk Akimel O’odham, Land Protection and Climate Activist, Mother, Chef, Regenerative Farmer, Teacher, Founder of Let Our Ancestors Rest (LOAR) Campaign

Yoga Instructor, Healer, Trusted Community Ambassador


Marsha-Gail Davis, MD, MPH
Lifestyle Medicine Advisor

Rosalind Akins
Black Community Advisor, Equity Advisor

Running Deer 
Indigenous / Native American Community Advisor

Mayra Armas
Mexican, Mexican American, Indigenous Mexican Community Advisor

Arie Moyal 
Neurodiversity and Anti-Colonial Advisor

Autistic Truth Bringer and Activist

Cosmic Channel, Yogini, Lover of Metaphysical Ideas, Enthusiastic Student of Carl Jung, Aryuvedic Chef and Baker, Research Market Driven Decentralized Social Interventions for Collective Animal Care, Experienced Social Worker in social/economical rehabilitation of institutionalized youth.


Trauma-Informed Therapist, Domestic Violence Expert, Transformational Teacher, Group Harmonizer


Our Board Members

Jacque Salomon
Joyce Velazquez
Jaine Rao
Jaclyn Morales

Our Gratitude Goes To:

Jessica Smothermon (Co-Founder)

Khushboo Kantharia (Strategy & Development Manager)

Melvin Taylor (Community Ambassador)

Kyla Cruz (Collective Re-Imagining Center)

Erin Sinnaeve, DNP, APN, FNP-C (Advisor)

Countless other Friends of Seeds along the way

Thank you for your dedication and service to Seeds to Inspire Foundation — we wouldn't be where we are today without your foundational support.

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