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Jacque Salomon

Founder, Executive Director,

Seeds to Inspire Foundation

Jacque Salomon, Founder & Executive Director of Seeds to Inspire Foundation, is a recognized leader and staunch advocate of Lifestyle Medicine initiatives. Jacque's story began in New York City and brought her to Phoenix to heal mind, body and spirit. The consequence was that Jacque took her story of reversing Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, GERD while shedding 164 lbs that restored her health into channeling what would become Seeds to Inspire Foundation. Since 2019, Jacque has been in the community speaking and engaging to learn from the community to serve the community better.


Jacque Salomon, Founder of Seeds to Inspire Foundation

Photo Credit: Paulann Egelhoff

An adept in lifestyle practices as a nationally recognized speaker, including at Harvard Medical School’s The Herbert Benson, MD Course in Mind Body Medicine, Jacque aids Lifestyle Medicine clinicians in support of their patients challenged with chronic diseases as well as community leaders in connection to community health and well-being efforts.

Connect with Jacque via social media or her private coaching practice, Angel In the Stone.

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