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Re-Imagining Center

Our Theory of Change is based on the unlearning and learning process within each individual, and our Collective Re-Imagining Center is intended to support that process. Please explore — at your own pace — the "branches" of our learning and unlearning center:

Spiritual HealthCommunity Nutrition Program; and Social Justice.


Seeds to Inspire Foundation

is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization based on the traditional territory of the Hohokam, Akimel O'odam, and O'odam peoples.



We have all imagined, at one time or another, a vision for our future. For most of us, though, that vision has been informed and guided by the existing lenses and frameworks that structure our lives. These frameworks were born of oppressive systems and have indoctrinated us since birth to think and behave in ways that perpetuate and uphold these systems.


We need to come together, as a community and a collective, to reimagine the future we want for ourselves, our children, the planet we share, and the nonhumans we share that planet with. We must do this in order to deconstruct our own indoctrination and uproot systems of oppression — to begin working toward a just, equitable, and healed world.


Within our Collective Re-Imagining Center, we invite you to join us in conversations surrounding the things we need to learn in order to do this work, how to prepare ourselves for the work, and, ultimately, what that work looks like. We recognize that the process of learning and growth is a multidirectional and multidimensional exchange and welcome everyone interested in building communities within which we can begin this journey to collective reimagining.



There are many ways to join a Collective Re-Imagining Circle:

visit each circle's main page and explore the worksheets, video recordings, and resources
subscribe to our email list to receive updates

join a live discussion via zoom (see the calendar for upcoming events)

join the Collective Re-Imagining Center on Canvas for access to every module

Please participate at your own pace and contact us with any questions. We are all on our own path, so we will all come to Re-Imagining in our own ways, and that is the beautiful part about our collective work to create a world that reflects our diversity and abundance.



Does it cost anything to join the Collective Re-Imagining Center?

No! All of our Collective Re-Imagining resources are provided for free. We believe that everyone deserves access to the information and conversations that support health and healing, and our work is supported by pay-as-you're-able donations.

How often do Collective Re-Imagining Circles meet live?

It depends — each Re-Imagining Circle has its own "curriculum" and wisdom sharers. Some meet monthly; others meet weekly; and others are active for periods of time throughout the year (like a class that meets weekly for 2 months). Please check the calendar and the individual Re-Imagining Circles for details on live meetings.

Do I have to ____? (fill in the blank: "talk at a live meeting" / "finish all of the worksheets" / etc.)

No! Your participation level in the Collective Re-Imagining Center is entirely up to you. We are here to share what we have learned, and we are attempting to do so in ways that honor the neurodiversity of all participants and the unique learning styles that make up our collective intelligence. Please feel encouraged to engage with all of the resources as much or as little as you would like, and to contact us if you have ideas for new resources or improvements.



Join us!

A listing of all Collective Re-Imagining Center gatherings is available here. Click on the Event title for more details and registration information.