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Social Justice

The Social Justice branch of the Collective Re-Imagining Center helps bring a deeper understanding to the interconnectedness and multidimensionality of our systems & actions.


How do you see our place, as humans, in the world?


While the systems that humans have designed inarguably impact the planet and other animals, it can sometimes be difficult for us to recognize the ways in which they impact us, too. The rift that exists between humans and animals, or humans and the environment, can sometimes be much clearer than the ways in which humans have become disconnected from one another.


A critical piece of our own personal healing and learning is recognizing and understanding the ways in which our systems not only hurt us individually but as communities, too.


Explore the Humans module of the Social Justice branch at the Collective Re-Imagining Center to learn more. Access to the Humans module is now available on Canvas — check it out!


Topics include:

Food Injustice / Food Sovereignty

Medical / Health Injustice

Un-schooling Thought / Learning

Systemic Oppressions

Self Love and Empathy

Examining -isms

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How would you define your current relationship with animals?


As humans, we share this planet with billions of other species, but our ability to coexist with them has suffered under our current systems. One aspect of healing our world is mending our relationship with our fellow animals.


The core issues Seeds to Inspire Foundation seeks to address can all, in some way, be connected to our food systems.


Topics include:

What is Veganism?

Consuming Fear and Trauma

Nonhumans in our Food System

White Supremacy and Human Supremacy

Consumptive Animal Use

Race and Animality

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Have you ever considered the impact of the environment on your day-to-day life?


Similarly, have you ever considered your own impact on the environment?


Should the planet become uninhabitable for humans, she will recover, but what would become of us? Unfortunately, the same systems and frameworks that have fractured our relationships with our fellow animals have similarly damaged our planet.

Topics include:

Environmental Racism

Water Justice / Protection

Native American Land Management

Global Earth Protectors

Reducing our Footprint


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Community Changemaking

You might be thinking, ‘Now what? What do I do with all of this information?’


Our personal healing and learning journeys are of critical importance, but it is just as critical that these journeys don’t stop with us.


While our growth and healing alone will create ripples in the world around us, that growth and healing are most impactful when we consciously and intentionally put them to use in an effort to create broader changes in our communities.

Topics include:

Systems Thinking / Systems Change

Spheres of Influence

Public Advocacy

Mutual Aid

(re)Building Community

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Youth of Heart

Has anyone tried telling you that you’re too young to change the world?


Just because you may be young, does not mean you are not capable of making significant changes in your own life and in your community.


The old cliche is true, children are indeed the future. As such, in order to ensure that young people like you have the best chances of living in a healed, equitable, community-oriented world, it is critical you have the tools and resources necessary to discover the wisdom that will help you create and maintain that world.

Topics include:

We Are Nature

Caretakers of Earth

Animal Family

I Am Amazing (And So Are You!)

All About Food

Feeding Our Bodies

Feeding Our Minds

Feeding Our Spirit

What is Community?

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Starting in January 2022, this Collective Re-Imagining Circle will gather via Zoom for group discussions on Racism as Zoological Witchcraft by Aph Ko. Meeting times are still being finalized and will be published on the main CRIC landing page when known.


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