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Seva Jumpstart

Seva Jumpstart is intended to aid individuals and families in reaching their personal health goals; bringing resources and support to help facilitate major behavioral shifts to regain health on all dimensions and to inspire shifts in their respective communities. We promote and support the concept of Food as Medicine for the individual and entire communities.

"Seva" is a Sanskrit word for “service” and is indicative of our desire to serve the greater whole. The "Jumpstart" part of the project is a 10-day program with whole-food plant-based meals and biometric testing at the beginning and end of the 10 days (LDL, HDL, triglycerides). Learn more about Seva Jumpstart below.

10 days of Whole Plant-Based Food; Pre- & Post-Jumpstart Health Data & Consultation; and Opportunities for Fun, Healing, and Growth!

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10-Day Health Investment with Whole Plant-Based Foods

Seva Jumpstart #1: December 2021
Home Base: MAA Wellness Center in Phoenix Arizona, with sessions also available online
Number of Participants: ~15 people from 4 different families

Program Includes:

  • Biomarker (lipid) testing

    • Before & After the 10-day Jumpstart

  • Medical consultation

    • Before & After the 10-day Jumpstart

  • Nutrition education (available in Spanish & English)

  • Meals for 10 days

    • Easy-to-prepare meals — like shelf-stable meal packets from Leafside

    • Option: Freshly-Made Meals — volunteers can prepare Whole Plant-Based culturally appropriate meals to be picked up by participants

Do you know a community, family, or individual that might want to participate in a future Seva Jumpstart?

We want to host more Seva Jumpstarts, and we want to help YOU host one in your community.

Contact us to host a Seva Jumpstart or nominate a family or individual.


Thank you!

to the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and their Community Grant Program for helping us bring Seva Jumpstart to life!

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