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Seeds to Inspire Foundation 501(c)(3) has the honor and privilege of living, working, and playing in the ancestral home of the Akimel O'odham and Piipaash people in what we now call Phoenix, Arizona, USA. As a social justice educational nonprofit, we're part of a global and enthusiastic grassroots Social Justice Educational Movement with a focus on Whole System Health & Healing.

Community Garden
By the Water

 Our work is centered on healing 

and consists of Doing and Being

Doing: Consistent Anti-Oppression

Sharing Food and Knowledge
Growing: Creating Food Autonomy
Eating: Food As Medicine
Healing: Lifestyle Medicine

Being: A Trauma-Informed Society

Reimagining Together — Multidimensional and Intersectional Learning and Processing
Making the Connections
Discovering your Reason, Place, and Purpose

Women Holding Hands

What We Work For



restorative practices for personal, collective, intergenerational, and ecological healing.


honoring ancient wisdom & the divine feminine. asking questions & listening — to ourselves, others, the world.


celebrating resilience; nourishing assets; community engagement; culturally appropriate; trauma-informed; cultural education.


providing knowledge of and access to health-promoting foods. long-term water & food security with food forests.

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