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Who is
Seeds to Inspire Foundation?

We are a Trauma-Informed organization born of the founder’s own personal healing journey, a multidimensional evolution and the action that emerged from this awareness.

We are a tribe of like-hearted and like-minded individuals no longer surrendering to the conditions of culture and society that profits from disease, exploitation and violence. We are a collective who understands that duty of care is to those that do not share our advantages, and we serve the peoples of the Diaspora and those victimized by European Colonialism past and present​.

Our Mission
As part of a global social justice education movement, Seeds to Inspire Foundation works to dismantle health inequity and foster cultural healing in historically marginalized communities through the Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine and a Trauma-Informed lens.


Our Vision
Anchor institutions and organizations working collaboratively to cultivate healthy, mutually beneficial networks of health and wellness from within communities.


By collaborating with anchor institutions and organizations focused on healing within our communities we will restore the village for the children, guided by thriving and active elder wisdom. We believe that by working as one tribe...sharing resources toward Collective Goals...we can make profound shifts within the consciousness of our communities that will affect generations to come by focusing on:

  • Food As Medicine

  • Access to Healthful Food

  • Food Autonomy

  • Trauma-Informed Healing

Meet Jacque Salomon

Founder, Seeds to Inspire Foundation

Mom | Trauma-Informed Lifestyle Wellness Mentor & Coach | Intersectional Activist | Transformational Coach | Speaker | More...


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