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Spiritual Life Coaching

"Absorbing all of what you were

into all of what you’ll be

to become all that you are."

- Jacque Salomon

Working together with the wounded healer through various tools, Jacque understands her role as a spiritual life coach as more of a guide — to unleashing self-trust and radical compassion for self and others, guided by one's own wisdom to engage life with discernment and agency.


Jacque offers1-on-1 sessions through her trauma-informed Spiritual Life Coach practice. Sessions are typically held weekly, last no longer than 6 months (you don't need Jacque; you need you!) and help with understanding our relationships with our family systems, our own parents, and intimate partners. Jacque's Spiritual Life Coaching practice uses various healing tools to support wounded healers' journeys in one or more of the following ways:

Narcissistic abuse recovery.

Collective Trauma.

Ancestral PTSD. Intergenerational trauma.

Polyvagal theory.

Psychospiritual trauma.
Transparent nonviolent communication.

Holistic & Quantum healing of past wounds.

Understanding & being supported through grief.

Shifting to a positive mindset.

Developing a sense of empowerment.

Understanding your true purpose.

Uncovering your internal blocks to happiness.

Discovering your own spirituality.

Understanding who you truly are.

Learning to listen to your intuition.

Manifesting what you want in life.

Finding appreciation and joy.

Navigating difficult life challenges.

If any of the work above resonates with your journey and you are interested in Spiritual Life Coaching with Jacque, please contact us.


Spiritual Life Coach

Jacque Salomon is an Indigenous Woman from the island of Boriken (Puerto Rico) born and raised in New York City. She is a Social, Climate, and Food Justice Activist whose mission in life is to decolonize minds and re-indigenize the body and spirit through whole foods, plant-based nutrition. Through the non-profit Seeds to Inspire 501(c)(3) she co-founded, Jacque supports underrepresented, underserved, under-financed, and marginalized communities in the Phoenix metro area of AZ as well as surrounding reservations. As a spiritual life coach, she helps restore the health and well-being of individuals through radical self-care and self-love with an emphasis on revitalizing the health and creativity of our racialized Sistren. Learn more about Jacque here.

Working with Jacque has been incredibly helpful. When we started working together I was at a very low point in my life where I had just gone through a tough breakup and my dog I had had for almost 14 years passed away. Had I not had her for support, it would have been very tough navigating that dark time. Jacque's work helped me focus on what was good in the present and create a picture of what could be in the future. I like this a lot more than traditional therapy which focuses on what is wrong, what caused that wrong and why things are still broken. I didn't want to be seen as broken and Jacque doesn't see anyone that way. During our time together I was able to re-emerge as a new, more actualized, better version of myself with many good things happening in my life. Jacque's work is truly transformational and I am very grateful for all her help.  - Benjamin B.



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