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The Inception of Seeds to Inspire

Hi and welcome to our first blog post. My name is Jacque Salomon and I am co-founder of Seeds to Inspire Foundation 501(c)(3). A couple years ago my partner and best friend, Jessica Smothermon, and I were sitting having one of our amazing conversations. More like soul sisters it is obvious the universe brought us together for something greater than we are as individuals because the sum of our combined passions proved to be much greater than the sum of our individual dreams. During lunch I blurted out, “You know I’ve always wanted to start a school.” She smiled and said, “Oh my god. I’ve never said this to anyone before but so do I.” Turned out we had a shared vision of creating conscious and autonomous learning environments for children. Our combined experiences and knowledge were ripe with potentiality.

Part of my drive is fueled by experience and insight I garnered as a former parent leader with the ACLU of Arizona’s Demand to Learn Campaign. (Check out my bio if you want to know more about me and my individual client work.) After my children were systematically discriminated against because they learned differently, I had to become part of the solution to what we discovered is a systemic problem. Through this enlightening journey with the ACLU, I became acutely aware that the ACLU and its ally campaigns and organizations were all symptoms of the same syndrome; an economic and currency system based on profit and commodification of beings.

I quickly understood with greater perspective comes profound insight. My efforts could no longer be exhausted combating symptoms but rather it became imperative for me to focus my energies on inoculating the cause; the root of this pathological and unconscious idea of why we as humans exist. All my experiences, studies, and training had provided me an almost omniscient perspective to the interconnectedness of domestic and global institutions and their sinister disregard of Life for profit.

Willful ignorance not being an option, Jessica and I considered how to be of service to the greatest of our ability for the greater good of all. (To learn more about Jessica and her work, check out her bio.) Briefly, we pondered the implications of such an endeavor for our personal lives and for our families. It was intuitive guidance that disallowed our fears and doubts to cloud the clarity of what we knew to be TRUE. Narcissism, greed, and oppression-unconsciousness-is wreaking havoc on the planet and infiltrating the psycho-spiritual health of children.

The insidious nature of our institutions are steeped in deceit and destruction; the effects of which can be observed in our forests and oceans, in our schools and prisons, our hospitals and physician’s offices, neighborhoods and families. So much pain and so much despair. We could not unknow what we knew and unsee what we’ve seen: the ubiquitous violence inflicted on Earth, in our communities, spiritual spaces, work places, and homes. We must protect the children, we thought, at all costs.

We co-created Seeds to Inspire as a social justice education non-profit in July 2018 because of the Truth that all social injustices are one social injustice; the inherited belief in duality, hierarchy, separation, domination, oppression, and competition. The perverse concept that human beings are superior to all other life stems from a human amnesia preventing us from actualizing our True nature as caretakers and stewards of the planet.

The human brain in its genius and unconsciousness imagines “cultures” and “races” as dividers. Superiority, fear, and entitlement become manifest in the construction of artificial walls and borders in an attempt to rewrite nature’s divine law of love and service, compassion and empathy, sovereignty and humility, interconnectedness and inclusion.

The truth that animal agriculture is the number one leading cause of global warming remains out of mainstream media because the implications of revealing this Truth is the fear of the collapse of our economic system based on the commodification of animals. They know when the public learns the truth, we will demand better. The Truth is that animal agriculture destroys health and vitality in our bodies, minds, spirits, society, and on Earth. Think about why it is illegal to video record “legal” animal agriculture practices. It is because it jeopardizes profits. Why would the truth about “legal” practices jeopardize profits? That’s the question now isn’t it? (We will go into this topic and more in future posts. I encourage you to send us questions or suggestions on topics so we can co-create a collective intelligence space to share thoughts and ideas, solutions, and support.)

The world is run by conditioned minds puppeteering and commodifying the bodies of other conditioned minds toward the exponential growth of their own wealth. In other words, power and money decide what humanity is entitled to know. What we know drives our beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors directly into the hands of establishment and institutions.

Sociopaths are running the world and childhood is under siege. We must reexamine our most precious commodity; the children of our world and the wisdom they bring to impart. It is in embracing the Truth that when any One Being is denied their divine right to live free to choose the life they want to live, then each of our own right to live a life on our own terms is jeopardized. All life is precious, and all life is Divine. When we oppress One we oppress All.

Seeds to Inspire was born a gift of love for the children of the world. A gift which blossomed into a promise to protect and elevate the consciousness of every ecosystem in which a child develops; physiological, parenting, spiritual, community, educational. Our soulwork aims to bring Truth to well-intentioned, well-meaning, deserving people like YOU by providing resources, knowledge, tools, and support for YOU to make educated, informed, calculated, responsible, and healthy decisions for your life, the lives of all you love, and the planet.

Seeds to Inspire provides learning opportunities for communities who are most vulnerable to the effects of climate destabilization; our underrepresented, underfunded, under-served communities, mainly our black and brown communities. We do not aim to survive this climate crisis. We are going to thrive through this climate crisis! We have the solutions, technology, innovation, love, will, collective intelligence, and the collective consciousness to do so.

Together we are marrying wisdom with compassion and channeling this force with intention to actualize the world we all dream about, one of radical inclusion, radical compassion, normalized non-violence, and service-driven economy. A world in which the physical as well as psycho-spiritual health of children is our barometer for health and well-being of humanity. A world in which children actualize the greatest of whom they were born to be. It was time for us to speak up and take our place.

It is time for all of us to take our place. The truth is if we continue the trajectory humanity’s been on, we are on pace to wipe out all wildlife from the planet by 2026. That is to say that in seven years we are projected to have the only domesticated animals on the planet in farms, sanctuaries, and rescues. This is catastrophic beyond comprehension. We have seven years to address the cause of global warming and bring the truth to light because every person deserves to live in Truth and autonomy.

The world we deserve will come from locking arms with one another, side to side instead of looking upward for solutions. It’s up to us. Let’s share knowledge and experiences with one another, help one another, and uplift one another. There is potential dormant in our cells calibrated by the resilience and wisdom of our ancestors. The time has come for humanity to awaken to this Truth and activate this potential. When we know better, we do better. Thanks for being here. Namaste.


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