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Jiviniti Coalition Objectives: A Plant-Based Economy

A coalition of evidence-based nutrition, medical science, public health, social justice and anti-hunger organizations asks Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris to go plant-based — and Seeds to Inspire is proud to be a coalition member.

Seeds to Inspire joins the Jiviniti Coalition Campaign for #plantpoweredkamala and a plant-based economy.

Led entirely by women, including several women of color, the Jiviniti Coalition is calling on Vice President-Elect Harris to:

  1. take the 31-day vegan challenge for January 2021, and

  2. pivot to a plant-based economy — to help battle the current pandemic, prevent future pandemics, heal chronic illness, reverse climate change, and end systemic racism.

Learn more at:

You can join us, too!

Sign the petition:

#plantpoweredkamala #jivinitipetition #plantbasedeconomy

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