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Our Vision Of The Future Is Co-Creative & Cooperative

Our collective work is multidimensional and requires all of us.


Along with our core partners — American College of Lifestyle Medicine and their HEAL initiative, T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition StudiesPhysicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Esselstyn Foundation, and MAA Wellness Center — our work connects us with other healers, wisdom seekers/sharers, and community organizations featured below.

Partners in Healing

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We're Also Proud to Work With...

Cooking on the Veg
Million Dollar Vegan
Eat For The Earth
Let Our Ancestors Rest
The Virsa Foundation

Our Work With Let Our Ancestors Rest
  Addressing climate change through cultural protection.


Founded by Running Deer


Seeds to Inspire Foundation is proud to support this campaign founded by Running Deer — Akimel O’odham, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, Land Protection and Climate Activist, Mother, Chef, Gardener, and Teacher.

Our Work With JIVINITI
JIVINITI is a multidimensional initiative of The Virsa Foundation.

Jiviniti / The Virsa Foundation

Project Gaia

Have you ever wondered if what we eat might have anything to do with our body's ability to fight the coronavirus? Or, that what we eat might impact our emotional resilience and therefore, our mindset & outlook as we navigate this ever-evolving global pandemic?

To date, no serious attempt has been made to understand the correlation between COVID-19 symptom severity, physical and emotional resilience and dietary patterns amongst the US public. Project GAIA is a unique and first effort in this regard and is committed to helping uncover the connection our diet may have with the suffering we’re surrounded with during the pandemic. Additionally, this study is also exploring how Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) such as food access & nutrition security impact likelihood of severe COVID among diverse communities, and how all of this is linked to dietary patterns. 


Seeds to Inspire Foundation is honored to be a partner-collaborator of Project GAIA. The data collection and analysis phase of this public health research study was supported by T Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, The VegFund, A Well Fed World and The Virsa Foundation. Team GAIA has just wrapped up 8 weeks of data collection from around the United States and thanks to over 50 partners, they have received an overwhelmingly positive response to their survey. As the team enters into the next phase of this research – data analysis, manuscript development and communications development – they have launched a GoFundMe Campaign. Please donate to Project GAIA’s research efforts. Every dollar counts!

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jiviniti coalition
virsa foundation

Our Work With Eat for the Earth
  With Eat for the Earthwe are collaborating on a project to bring immune-boosting plant-based food to prisoners.

Eat for the Earth
Eat For The Earth

Plant-Based Food in Prisons

In development - check back soon for more details.

With Eat for the Earth, we are developing a program to bring immune-boosting plant-based food and education opportunities to prison populations — some of our most at-risk communities for health issues related to systemic racism and Covid-19.

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