Partners and Programs

Our Vision Of The Future Is Co-Creative & Cooperative.

Each program that we contribute to is interconnected with the others; our collective work is multidimensional and requires all of us. Learn more about our partners and programs below, or contact us to become a partner or start a new program.

Cooking on the Veg
Million Dollar Vegan
Eat For The Earth
Plant Based Foods Association
The Virsa Foundation
The Pocket Project
Plant Pure Communities - Pod Network
Vegan Women's Leadership Network
Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Alliance
Align With Plants
American College of Lifestyle Medicine
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Our Work With Plant Pure Communities

We are an Independent Member Organization of the Plant Pure Pods network with a specific focus on racial justice. As a Pod, we aim to offer community to our members and the general public through our vision of dignity, food sovereignty, restoration of self-healing and self-education, and liberation from oppression for all.

Explore our projects and collaborations below, and join our newsletter to become a member of the Seeds to Inspire Pod and receive updates on study groups, community offerings, and volunteer opportunities.


Tuesday's Mission, Seva Kitchen, and Direct Food Aid

Delivering prepared food to displaced populations, as well as ingredients, spices, and empowerment to cook your own plant-based meals.

Collective Reimagining Circles — Un-Colonization and Re-Indigenization

Upcoming Study Group: Racism As Zoological Witchcraft

Oasis Jumpstart

As a PlantPure Community Pod focused on social justice, our goal is to implement several Oasis Jumpstart Programs for the communities that need it most. These programs will promote food sovereignty through personal health, community health, and food forestry to provide abundance and restoration.

Our Work With UGFNet

 UGFNet is an international network that promotes Awareness and Health. Together we collaborate on wisdom-sharing resources to make them accessible to all.


Healing in the Aquarian Age

A Wisdom-Gathering Space

Wisdom Holders and Elders will engage in conversation and share their wisdom and explore mystical teachings in classes at various levels of interpretation — from no experience necessary through advanced studies.

Our Work With JIVINITI

JIVINITI is a multidimensional initiative of The Virsa Foundation — a fellow Independent Member Organization of the Plant Pure Pods network.


The Forgotten Voices

Listening deeply to the voices of those who have been chronically and systemically oppressed — especially women of color — and empowering them.


JIVINITI is a Research & Communications Development program that intends to co-create directly with the research participants creative tools for self-empowerment as the best way forward in taking their personal health & resiliency into their own hands. As a partner of JIVINITI, we agree that making Health & Climate Change “personal” will be a key driver for durable change. Together, we plan to create sophisticated communication & educational materials using Creative Storytelling techniques that capture the transformative experience of the JIVINITI Women.

Vegan Women's Leadership Network
jiviniti coalition
virsa foundation
Million Dollar Vegan

The JIVINITI Coalition


Together with other plant-based women leaders — from evidence-based nutrition, medical science, public health, social justice, and anti-hunger organizations — we unite to ask Vice President-Elect Harris to take concrete steps in resolving the COVID-19 pandemic in the near term, preventing a future pandemic, and addressing the shadow pandemics of hunger, chronic illness, systemic inequities and climate change suffered by millions in the United States over the longer term.

We ask Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris to go whole food plant-based for 31 days and experience the benefits of this healthy and compassionate approach to nutrition. And we ask her to support a plant-based economy to help everyone.

Our Work With Align With Plants

With Align With Plants we explore healing, education, and food sovereignty.

Align With Plants

Food Sovereignty & Healing

Community Herbalism, Food Forestry, and UnSchooling

Our relationship with Align With Plants supports our missions of wisdom-sharing, self-healing, and food sovereignty through their educational resources in community herbalism and experience with food forestry and UnSchooling, or child-led learning.

Our Work With Eat for the Earth

 Eat for the Earth is a fellow Independent Member Organization of the Plant Pure Pods network. Together we are collaborating on a project to bring immune-boosting plant-based food to prisoners.

Eat For The Earth

Plant-Based Food in Prisons

In development - check back soon for more details.

With Eat for the Earth, we are developing a program to bring immune-boosting plant-based food and education opportunities to prison populations — some of our most at-risk communities for health issues related to systemic racism and Covid-19.