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The Jiviniti Coalition

The Jiviniti Coalition is a group of evidence-based nutrition, medical science, public health, social justice, and anti-hunger organizations — all led by women. We are asking Vice President Harris to take the 31-day vegan challenge and to pivot to a plant-based economy.

Join us on to petition Vice President Kamala Harris for a plant-based economy

A culturally-relevant plant-based recipe collection to inspire VP Harris to go vegan 

Asking for a plant-based economy to heal chronic illness AND battle Covid-19


why we need a plant-powered economy


on Jane Unchained News Network

Vegan Mainstream hosts the Jiviniti Coalition to discuss global health, inequity, and solutions

Plant Based News features the Jiviniti Coalition and its mission to heal humans and the earth 

A coalition of women leaders standing up for racial justice, environmental justice, and health

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