Opportunities to Get Involved 

1-on-1 Coaching & Healing

Connect with a spiritual life coach for help with healing past wounds, uncovering your internal blocks to happiness, navigating difficult life challenges, shifting to a positive mindset, and more.

Available for all; read about our sliding scale rate.

Self-Directed Learning

Explore the collective re-imagining center at your own pace, and trust that you will be connected to the right humans, organizations, and movements at the right time.


Connect with your guiding instinct to grow and develop in the areas that are meaningful to your life.

Get (Co)Creative With Us

Seeds To Inspire is about community, cooperation, and co-creation — we want to work and play together! 

Contact us to explore new project ideas with like-minded people — we love figuring out how to collaborate & support.



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We are raising money for our projects so they can be offered at reduced or no cost to the intended communities.


Your donation helps supply health-promoting food for those who need it most and can afford it the least through programs like Seva Jumpstart. Thank you for any financial support you can!