Food Programs

Our food programs are centered around healing and restoring dignity — everyone deserves healthy food.

Our programs are interrelated: we are working to feed people immune-boosting, whole-food plant-based meals; connect fresh produce and easy-to-prepare meal kits with the families who need it most; and develop food sovereignty instead of food deserts through food forestry, water reclamation, and soil re-building. 



Bringing immune-boosting meals to our displaced population. 

We partner with local plant-based restaurants and chefs to bring healthy meals to displaced individuals and families in Phoenix. We also partner with our community members through clothing donations and volunteers to help distribute the food and clothes. Check out our Upcoming Events to see how to get involved.



Food Sovereignty + Social Justice

Seeds To Inspire is an independent member of the PlantPure Pods Network focused specifically on social justice.


To truly address social justice requires also addressing food sovereignty. We are working to implement three Oasis Jumpstart projects in the Phoenix area to provide immediate and long-term food justice to underserved communities.

The "Jumpstart" part of the project is a 10-day program with whole-food plant-based meals and biometric testing at the beginning and end of the 10 days (cholesterol, blood glucose levels, etc.). Previous participants have seen incredible results, documented in PlantPure Nation — free to watch here.

The "Oasis" part of the project is the long-term food sovereignty component and includes the development of a food forest for community-based food production, resources to transition to cooking and grocery shopping for a whole-food plant-based lifestyle, and connection to regional food producers to provide fresh produce while the food forest is still growing.



Seva Kitchen is being designed to help facilitate the transition to a whole foods plant-based lifestyle with prepared rubs, marinades, and sauces that are shelf stable and all natural — plus fresh produce and recipes to go with the delivery. Our goal is to feed a family of four a meal for $5, and to provide this delivery twice a week per family.

Check back soon for more information.