The Seeds to Inspire Team

Our Team Is Happy To Introduce Ourselves.

Privilege transmuted into service: together embarking on a pilgrimage of Healing.

JACQUE SALOMON, she/her/ella


Jacque Salomon is an Indigenous Woman from the island of Boriken (Puerto Rico) born and raised in New York City. She is a Human Rights advocate and Native American activist whose mission in life is to decolonize minds and re-indigenize the body and spirit through whole foods, plant-based nutrition. Through the non-profit Seeds to Inspire 501(c)(3) she co-founded, Jacque supports underrepresented, underserved, under-financed, and marginalized communities in the Phoenix metro area of AZ as well as surrounding reservations. As a spiritual life coach, she helps restore the health and well-being of individuals through radical self-care and self-love with an emphasis on revitalizing the health and creativity of our racialized Sistren.



Jessica Smothermon is Director of Operations with Cleantech Open. She also is the Senior Advisor of Human Capital Management for the smallMatters Institute. Jessica served as the Governor's Liaison for two Arizona governors to the US Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. She directed Arizona's 2010 census campaign, staffed the Arizona Data Estimates and Projections Taskforce, and oversaw the development of the state's population estimates, forecasts, and labor statistics. With Apollo Education Group she worked as Director of Strategic Partnerships in External Affairs working with nonprofits in STEM. She previously served on Cleantech Open's Board of Director's.


Khushboo Kantharia, she/her/ella

Strategy & Development Manager

"We are who we protect and stand up for."

Khushboo Kantharia has worked for the Socio-economic rehabilitation of orphans and instituted youth in India for the last decade. She was (accidentally) selected to start a project to support institutionalized youth for their transition in the real world, which helped her realize the grandiosity of the issue — there are around 7 million documented orphan children, and the total number is much bigger. While working with youth, she started studying trauma healing, true soul healing. As a social worker, Khushboo worked with a section of humanity that was at the lower edge of the society, a section of humanity that was discarded and abandoned by society. A section of humanity that is treated like animals. She is shaped by these experiences; it has made her numb but solid.

She is passionate about Hindustani Classical music, upcycling plastic, and restoring forgotten ancient wisdom. She is a mother of 8 dogs. She is fully dedicated to the Purification of her soul as a result of dealing with everything that pollutes and corrupts Anima Mundi. 

Mayra Armas, she/her/ella

Comprehensive Wellness Facilitator, Project Development Coordinator - East Valley 

Mayra Armas is a woman dedicated to love and service from the inside out, as she has learned through the years that the exit to all circumstances of life is going inside of your own essence. She grew up in spiritual family practicing Hatha Yoga, vegetarianism, meditation and traveling to ashrams to learn and value how to live with essential things of life. Working in the medical field since the age of 17, in different specialties, she was never satisfied to see many patients getting treated for their symptoms, but not the cause of the symptoms. It was then she decided to observe her inner world, as she experienced postpartum anxiety and panic attacks and realized that mind, body, and soul reacts to our subconscious. After finishing a degree in holistic medicine specializing in Bach flowers, Ayurvedic, and Chinese Traditional Medicine, she concluded that her purpose of life is to share and walk along with you in a healing journey in the Aquarius Age.


Grace Valverde, she/her/ella

Office Manager, Community Outreach Coordinator - West Valley 

Grace Valverde is

Melvin Taylor, he/him/él

Community Catalyzer, Community Outreach Coordinator - South Valley 

Melvin Taylor is

Sean Hunt, he/him/él

Social Media Coordinator 

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Benjamin Kohen, he/him/él

Musical Program Coordinator, Operations Assistant

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Suzanne King, she/her/ella

Operations Manager, Project Development Facilitator

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