Community Herbalism

Community Herbalism is hosted by Align with Plants and is a program under Seeds to Inspire's 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization. Donations to help fund Community Herbalism are tax-deductible.




We believe that using plants to care for our families and ourselves is a birthright of all beings of Earth, and that it is our job to help as many as we can remember this truth.


Align With Plants provides education and access to reconnect with the earth through herbs and is now partnering with Seeds to Inspire on a Community Herbalism program.


Community Herbalism is an evolving program of regular meet-ups hosted at local businesses to connect working herbalists throughout Phoenix with community members who are anxious to learn how to take better care of their health.

And we are in the process of planning, planting, and nourishing a food forest to be able to provide nutritious & healing plants for the community, regenerate wildlife habitat, and develop a hands-on workshop in sustainable gardening practices for our regular meet-ups.

We would love to connect with you!



from "nothing" to abundance

Phase 1: now (planning) through 2021 (planting)

Phase 2: nurturing & harvesting (~5 years)

Phase 3: abundance (2026 and beyond)

On 8 lots at Spaces of Opportunity in South Phoenix, we will be transforming ancestral farm land from its current desert state into a food forest.


Planning and fundraising underway now. Planting parties happening Spring-Fall of 2021. Nurturing and harvesting and healing happening in the years to come.


Contact us to volunteer at the planting parties, and donate to help with the purchase of the plants and compost. Land has been graciously donated by Chef Krystal at Trash Panda Vegan Food Truck.



Every 2nd Sunday @ Dulce Vida Coffee

Every 3rd Sunday @ Be More Clean

Every 3rd Sunday @ Fair Trade Cafe

Every 4th Sunday @ Cosmic Vegans

2 - 3pm

Join a rotating group of six local herbalists for discussion and hands-on learning on diverse topics like immunity boosting with herbs, using plants for healthy digestion, and the communication methods of trees and how we can benefit from this knowledge.

Check out the Community Herbalism Instagram page for updates:

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fliers from past meet-ups are available by creating a free account with Canvas:
The team of herbalists and tech support for the Community Herbalism Program.
Sharing knowledge at one of the monthly meet-up events.


We are raising money to support community healing through medicinal plants

1) monthly workshops on community herbalism

($5,000 goal for: take-home kits for participants, space, herbalists' time)

2) food forest at Spaces of Opportunity

($5,000 goal for: plantlings, compost, some meals for volunteer workers)