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Whole System Health & Healing

“Whole Systems Healing is a way of cultivating the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities, organizations, societies, and the environment by living and acting with awareness of the wholeness and the interconnectedness of all living systems. Whole Systems Healing is a perspective; a way of thinking, leading, and healing.”  - Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing

We understand climate destabilization, industrialized farming, animal agriculture, environmental racism, nutrition apartheid & health inequity are all tentacles of colonialism. Historically marginalized communities are most often composed of Indigenous, Black and Racialized people whose everyday lives, as was with their ancestors, function in the conquest of colonialism and its ever evolving consequences.


An Integrative Intervention to Dismantle Health Inequity and Promote Cultural Healing 

Our philosophy addresses Health Inequity in our historically marginalized communities by building upon Lifestyle Medicine’s Six Pillars of Health. Our customizable, community-engaged programming incorporates the lens of Trauma especially from the colonial diet, social determinants of health and acculturative stress. Community engaged and customizable to meet the specific challenges and goals of your community.


We believe in an integrative approach to whole system health and healing. Through centering systems healing, starting with the human body, we can foster transgenerational wealth through health. Health is the wealth that will ripple from self throughout family into community and the planet.


Education. Inspiration. Transformation.

Community-Engaged Cultural Healing Programming
Multidimensional healing requires a multidimensional, integrative approach. Understanding that our communities navigate challenges
 of Mind, Body and Spirit, we have co-created paths to address and facilitate healing the Mind, the Body and the Spirit. With Love, Respect and Honor as our compass, our healing programming is trauma-informed and flexible to meet the needs of your community

Bring healing to your community with

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What do we mean by "Trauma-Informed" and "Lifestyle Medicine"?


We define trauma as a single or series of related events including adversity, scarcity and toxic stress that overwhelms one’s ability to cope in the moment. Trauma-informed care is an organizational approach. Programs and/or systems are trauma-informed when: 

1. It Realizes the widespread impact of trauma. 
2. It Recognizes the signs and symptoms of trauma and the multiple pathways to recovery. 
3. It Responds by integrating that knowledge into policies, procedures and practices. 
4. It actively Resists traumatizing and retraumatizing with the understanding that policies or procedures can unintentionally (and too often intentionally) cause activation of the stress response system which might cause new trauma or activate historical/ancestral trauma. 


- Holistic Trauma Course, 

We believe ALL mental, behavioral and physical health education and interventions MUST be trauma-informed ESPECIALLY for Indigenous, Black and Racialized communities.


The use of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic intervention as a primary modality, delivered by clinicians trained and certified in this specialty, to prevent, treat and often reverse chronic disease. 

The Six Pillars of Health: 
1. Predominantly Whole Plant Diet 
2. Movement/Activity 
3. Stress Management 
4. Regenerative Sleep 
5. Healthy Relationships 
6. Risky Substance Cessation



Email to connect with us — a member of the Seeds to Inspire team will respond as soon as possible.

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